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Nespresso Inissia Review: Is it worth buying?

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Finding the right Nespresso machine for your kitchen countertop can be a challenge. It’s important that you don’t jump to a decision without considering your needs, budget, and counter space, and always ensure you are well informed about what is available to you. To help you on your journey, I’ve put together this Nespresso Inissia Review to shed some light on the world of Nespresso machines.

Nespresso Inissia ReviewCoffee makers can help reduce your day-to-day stresses by streamlining the coffee-making process and easing the burden on your morning routine. In an office workplace, it can do wonders for employee morale and job satisfaction, encouraging more socializing, team bonding, and productivity. By the end of this Nespresso Inissia Review, you’ll have taken a gigantic leap forward in closing in on your dream coffee machine.


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Inissia Overview

What’s in the Box:

  • Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine, Red
  • 20.3 oz Water Tank
  • Espresso and Lungo Cup Size
  • Folding Drip Tray
  • Ergonomic Handle


  • Cable Length: 80cm
  • Reservoir Size: 20.3 oz
  • Weight: 5.3lbs
  • Dimensions: 120 x 300 x 230 -millimeters

Nespresso BEC120RED Inissia Espresso Machine by Breville, Red

Inissia Features

Cup Sizes

The Inissia espresso machine features the 1.35 oz Espresso size for a shot of espresso or the 5 oz Lungo size for a larger cup of coffee. For a double espresso shot, simply press the Espresso button again after the first brew, and the machine will extract another dose of coffee out of the original capsule. These buttons are also smart, allowing you to program custom brew sizes to further cater to your cup size needs.

Learn the difference between Nespresso Vertuo and Original machines here.


Water Reservoir

The water tank comes in a fairly large size of 20.3 oz (or 0.7L), meaning you won’t need to worry about refilling water until 9 cups of coffee have been served. Additionally, the water tank can easily be removed to make refilling and cleaning a whole bunch easier.

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Time To Heat up

The heat-up time on this coffee maker is quite remarkable, taking only 25 seconds from the moment you turn it on to being up and ready to brew at the optimum temperature. Considering that many machines take at least 1 minute to heat up, the Inissia poses a significant advantage over Nespresso’s average model.


Low Energy Consumption

The Inissia coffee machine is designed to consume as little energy as possible in every possible way. To accommodate its compact, low-maintenance design, this espresso maker is equipped with an auto shut-off feature that takes action after 9 minutes of inactivity. Save on electricity bills while doing the planet a favor with this eco-friendly coffee machine by Nespresso.


Brewing Method

One of the highly acclaimed features that make the Inissia a considerably valuable coffee machine is the 19-bar pump pressure technology used in its brewing method. The advantage of this higher than average pressure brewing mechanism is the patented extraction achieved as the machine interacts with the coffee capsules. The result is a more aromatic, richer taste that is resemblant of a cafe-quality barista coffee.

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Overall Review of Nespresso Inissia

All things considered, the Inissia coffee maker is a compact coffee machine with a design that can fit anywhere on your benchtop while producing amazing coffee results. It’s a great machine for portable purposes, as you can use the ergonomic handle provided to easily carry this lightweight espresso maker on the go.

Of course, nothing is without their flaws, so I’ll be providing a detailed list below covering the advantages and disadvantages of the Inissia Nespresso machine.


  • Compact, lightweight design with an ergonomic handle for optimized portability, travel-friendliness, and easy relocating.
  • The 19-bar pump pressure system optimally extracts coffee from capsules for richer, cafe-quality flavors.
  • Programmable brew sizes catering to all types of coffee lovers.
  • The 20.3 oz water tank allows for 9 cups of coffee before refilling is required.
  • Removable drip tray caters to more cup sizes and coffee recipes.
  • Affordable price that delivers quality results in brewing and convenience.
  • Includes welcome pack with 16 Nespresso capsules.
  • 2-year limited warranty.



  • No milk frother included.
  • Not compatible with K-Cups.

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How to use the Nespresso Inissia

Using the Inissia is quite simple by nature, as you can see from its non-complex control panel consisting of 2 brew buttons. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Inissia coffee machine:

  1. Plug in the coffee machine and power it on by pressing one of the brew buttons.
  2. Fill up the tank with fresh water to your desired level.
  3. Insert the capsule of your choice in the capsule container compartment.
  4. Place your mug on the drip tray and press your preferred brew button.
  5. Enjoy your cup of Nespresso coffee!


Cleaning and Maintenance

Nespresso BEC120RED Inissia Espresso Machine by Breville, Red

How to Descale a Nespresso Inissia

Descaling your Inissia coffee maker requires an initial learning curve, but once you’ve gone through the steps, it becomes second nature. Below, I’ve outlined the basic steps to descale your Nespresso machine, but please do not consider this as a full detailed guide (refer to your Nespresso instruction booklet):

  1. Empty out the tank of water and fill it with Nespresso descaling solution.
  2. Hold the Espresso and Lungo buttons until they flash, signaling the descaling mode.
  3. Place one large container on the drip tray and press the Lungo button.
  4. Wait until the machine stops dispensing and the tank is empty.
  5. Fill up the tank again with water this time and repeat steps 3-4.
  6. Your machine is now descaled and rinsed! Hold the Lungo button for 7 seconds to exit descale mode.

Get more details in our How to Descale a Nespresso post.


How to Clean a Nespresso Inissia

To clean your Inissia machine, you will want to first empty the used capsules cartridge by pulling out the foldable tray, which is connected to the capsule compartment, so it all comes out. Empty the pods in a recyclable bin and clean the capsule container by rinsing it under a sink. Alternatively, you could place these items in the dishwasher as they are compatible for you to do so.

You may also clean the water tank by removing it and rinsing it under a sink, and applying your choice of detergent if you wish. This component is also dishwasher safe, as with any of the removable parts of the Inissia, so you may opt for this cleaning method too. One of the best things about this machine is the flexibility of the cleaning options available, thanks to its removable components.

The actual brewer itself is strictly not dishwasher-friendly, so be sure to avoid doing this at all costs. Instead, use a damp cloth and some spray-and-wipe or equivalent cleaning solution and simply run the cloth around the machine. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to lift the machine off the table and clean beneath it, too, keeping both your espresso machine and kitchen bench 100% spotless.

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Nespresso Inissia FAQ

Nespresso BEC120RED Inissia Espresso Machine by Breville, Red

Is Nespresso Inissia discontinued?

Yes, the Inissia has been discontinued. However, it is still available from the Nespresso online store or via Amazon and other third-party links as a limited product.

Is the Nespresso Inissia worth it?

The Inissia espresso maker can prove to be a worthwhile investment due to its compact design and portability that suit any interior design. With 19-bars of pumping pressure and superior capsule extraction, the Inissia model is rated 4.5-stars on Amazon reviews from over 3,800 feedback scores, making it among the most validated and verified products on the coffee machine market for quality of use.  So is Nespresso worth it? Yes.

What is the difference between Inissia and Vertuo?

The Vertuoline is the new product range of Nespresso’s machines that incorporates barcode-scanning technology and special Nespresso capsules that prompt the machine to adjust its parameters for more precise brewing. On the other hand, the Inissia is part of the Original line, meaning it is not compatible with Vertuo capsules and vice-versa.

Does Nespresso Inissia only make espresso?

Generally speaking, Inissia’s primary design is catered towards shots of espresso. However, you can opt for “Lungo” sizes which are resemblant of an Americano, comprising extra hot water for a greater serving size.

What pods does Nespresso Inissia use?

The Inissia uses Original line capsules, as with most of Nespresso’s espresso machines. There are also a series of third-party coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso, including Nescafe and Starbucks capsules. Vertuo pods and K-Cups are not compatible with the Inissia coffee machine. Check out our Best Nespresso Capsule Holders for some great ways to store your pods.

How long does Nespresso Inissia last?

The Inissia is backed by a 2-year limited warranty as per Nespresso’s guaranteed satisfaction policy. However, they are built to last far longer than that, and if maintained well via consistent cleaning, descaling, and careful use according to the instruction booklet, they can potentially last you a lifetime.

Who makes the Nespresso Inissia?

This particular model of the Inissia machine is manufactured by Breville. However, DeLonghi is also notorious for manufacturing Nespresso machines. Read more in Nespresso Delonghi vs Breville: Which is best?

Does the Nespresso Inissia make espresso?

Yes, all of Nespresso’s coffee machines are designed to make espresso as opposed to regular coffee, though similar results with the latter can still be achieved.

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Who is the Nespresso Inissia Best Suited For?

Nespresso BEC120RED Inissia Espresso Machine by Breville, Red

The Inissia is most suited for the everyday coffee enthusiast looking for a high-quality espresso taste at an affordable price point. Its ease of use makes stressful mornings a thing of the past; simply press the brew button to receive your morning shot of espresso. For those looking for a better cafe latte experience, then you may prefer a different make, such as the Nespresso Lattissima or the Breville Barista Express.

Specifically, the Inissia is most unique due to its addition of an ergonomic handle, making it the ideal machine to travel with. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on the go; whether you are hitting up a motel, caravan, or simply delivering it as a gift for someone you care about, this model makes it all possible.

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Overall Review of Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso BEC120RED Inissia Espresso Machine by Breville, Red

All things considered, the Inissia espresso machine is an incredibly worthy purchase for coffee lovers everywhere at a great price range. With incredible features such as high water volume capacity, coffee pods storage, and auto-shut-off functions, you have plenty to gain for the cost at hand. One of the great things about this coffee maker is the compact design and ergonomic handle that makes it so easy to travel with and relocate as it adapts to any interior design.

Backed by 2 years of warranty and excellent reviews on Amazon, this coffee machine is easy to use, produces delicious coffee shots, and does not cost you a fortune to buy! My advice to you, dear reader, is to consider your kitchen space, lifestyle, and coffee preferences before embarking on this journey of a lifetime because the Inissia will surely entrance you.

Take the pressure off your busy life with this beautiful coffee-making beast. Built with a large tank of water supply and enough capsule capacity to last you 9 cups of coffee before emptying the cartridge is sure to make life easier. A fair price that doesn’t skimp on delivering quality results, you can enjoy the taste of ground coffee with the peace of mind that one of the best espresso companies in the world has your back!

The bottom line is that the Nespresso Inissia is a fantastic coffee machine that should not be underestimated for its size. In fact, its compact build is one of the best things about it! Fit this little beast anywhere in your home, no matter what kind of interior design you’re rocking. As a discontinued item, I suspect this machine may reach the status of a rare token someday, so get yours while they last!

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