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Nespresso Delonghi vs Breville: Which is best?

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Fundamentally, all Nespresso coffee machines are built to deliver rich and aromatic espresso shots regardless of their manufacturer, which is its promise to its buyers. However, there are key differences to be aware of when deciding on a manufacturer. Therefore, we’ve written this comparative article on Nespresso Delonghi vs. Breville to help you weigh up your options and purchase the best Nespresso machine that is right for you.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand the differences that matter and why you should consider the manufacturer brand when seeking a new Nespresso machine for yourself. Once you’re aware of the differences and similarities, we’ll provide our feedback on the individual features offered by each brand. Finally, we’ll select a winner for the various scenarios.

Of course, you are free to decide which features you like for yourself. However, hopefully, this article will help give you an idea of what to expect from Nespresso vs. Breville Espresso machines.


What is Nespresso Delonghi?

Nespresso Delonghi vs Breville

Delonghi has been in the manufacturing business for over 30 years. They have been producing small kitchen appliances and building up their reputation as one of the giants in the home appliances industry. Based in Italy, the home of espresso-making, the brand has a knack for retailing coffee and espresso machines of all types.

These include drip coffee makers, espresso machines, pod coffee makers, and the Nespresso capsule coffee machine. Delonghi Nespresso machines are one of the leading brands of Nespresso capsule machines alongside Breville. So if you have a Nespresso machine at home, there’s a high chance Delonghi manufactures it.

The brand manufacturers all types of Nespresso machines across the OriginalLine machines and the Vertuo machines. They typically offer a warranty of up to two years from the date of purchase.


What is Nespresso Breville?

Breville BNV250CRO1BUC1 Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine, Chrome

Breville is an Australian appliance brand founded in 1932 and has been manufacturing small home appliances for almost 100 years since its establishment. The brand covers a wide range of products from coffee makers to food processors, ovens, and grills. They offer just about anything you can think of for your kitchen needs.

Breville is a well-known manufacturer of coffee machines, having produced a vast range of drip coffee makers, espresso machines, pod coffee machines, and Nespresso machines.

Since 2016, Breville has been a core part of Nespresso’s manufacturing partnerships. As a result, they have played a considerable role in distributing coffee machines across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada (1). Breville manufactures all types of Nespresso across the OriginalLine and the VertuoLine range, encompassing the Nespresso Citiz, Inissia, and Vertuo series.

Breville Nespresso machines come with a warranty of up to one year from purchase. This covers its customers for any defects experienced in manufacturing or lack of quality materials.


How are they different?

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker by De'Longhi, Piano Black

Most of the differences between the Delonghi Nespresso machine and the Breville Nespresso machine are related to their designs and aesthetics. This is because Nespresso coffee makers should use the same Nespresso technology.

So, it would go against the company’s promise to have different tasting coffee with each manufacturer. Instead, the differences between the two come down to subtle factors such as dimensions, colors, and machine architecture.

In addition, both Breville and Delonghi offer their own unique Nespresso machine products on top of the well-known items. For instance, Breville offers the exclusive Nespresso Creatista machines, including the Creatista, Creatista Uno, and Creatista Plus.

Likewise, the Delonghi Nespresso machine offers the exclusive Nespresso Lattissima machines. This includes the Lattissima Touch, Lattissima One, Lattissima Pro, and Gran Lattissima.


How are they similar?

Breville BNV250CRO1BUC1 Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine, Chrome

Other than the exclusive products offered by each brand, Delonghi and Breville remain very similar in regards to the rest of the range. A classic example is the Nespresso Pixie models. Both Breville and Delonghi Nespresso machines brew the same coffee using the same Nespresso pods.

Each coffee maker is designed with a brew button, capsule container, coffee pod compartment to dispose of your espresso pods, and a water reservoir.

Some machines offer programmable espresso and a separate milk frother Aeroccino which froths milk at the push of a button. Both Delonghi and Breville Nespresso machines are compatible with either OriginalLine or Vertuo capsules. The Vertuo line brings added variety and precision brewing.

Each machine produces coffee using 19-bars of pump pressure to optimally extract the aromas and flavors of the pre-ground coffee capsules for a richer, bolder coffee experience.


What’s better about Nespresso Delonghi?

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De'Longhi, 10.8" L x 7.6" W x 13" H, Silver

Nespresso Delonghi offers the Nespresso Lattissima range. This has a couple of advantages over the Breville Creatista machines. It comes with one-touch milk frothing capabilities, something not present in Breville’s models.

Furthermore, some Delonghi Lattissima machines come with an integrated frother than automatically dispenses hot milk into your cup. This eliminates the need for steam wand frothing on your part.

There are similar products, such as the Nespresso Essenza Mini. However, the Delonghi version comes with a slightly larger drip tray, making it more suitable for various cup sizes. Delonghi also offers more color choices for the Essenza Mini, including red, lime, and black. This is opposed to Breville’s version, which only comes in standard black and white colors.

Furthermore, the drip tray for the Delonghi Nespresso Citiz and Milk machine comes with a horizontal line design. This makes it easier to clean than the Breville version, which features many small circular holes.


What’s better about Nespresso Breville?

Nespresso by Breville Vertuo Next Classic Black Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle

Nespresso Breville’s proprietary coffee system features the Creatista series. The Creatista offers a better steam wand for manual frothing to more appropriately suit the needs of coffee connoisseurs. These machines compare to high-end coffee machines at an affordable price, putting you in control of your brew from start to finish.

Furthermore, these exclusive Breville machines are more stylish than the Nespresso Lattissima range. This gives off a more classy and beautiful aesthetic with its shiny silver stainless steel design, perfect for any modern home decor.

Breville tends to offer similar same-name products to the coffee machine with more circular top finishes. This creates a more modern and contemporary look than Delonghi’s square-shaped tops.

Breville certainly takes the cake when it comes to style. While I did mention the drip tray for Delonghi Nespresso machines was easier to clean and maintain with its horizontal patterned look, that’s not enough. The patterned hole design gives off something of a crystalized look that has the effect of a starry sky or a shiny plate of chain armor (2).


Who should get Nespresso Delonghi?

Nespresso EN80B Original Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, 12.6 x 4.7 x 9 inches, Black

The Nespresso Delonghi range suits anyone who wishes to enjoy brewed coffee made from Nespresso capsules. There is no range of capsules you cannot brew with a Delonghi. The advantage it has over Breville is offering a slightly wider drip tray with specific Nespresso machines and a greater variety of color options.

In addition, the drip tray is designed with horizontal lines to make cleaning easier. So, a Delonghi may suit people who prefer to ease the cleaning process.

The Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima series also offers unique features that cannot be achieved by purchasing a Breville. Such features and functionalities include the one-touch milk frother system. This provides an integrated steamer that can dispense hot milk into your cup at the push of a button.

Additionally, Delonghi offers its customers a longer warranty of up to two years compared to Breville’s one-year warranty. This allows its users to have their machine refunded or replaced at little to no cost for any manufacturing defects or absence of quality in materials.


Who should get Nespresso Breville?

Nespresso by Breville Vertuo Next Classic Black Coffee and Espresso Machine

A Nespresso Breville may not offer many extras over the Delonghi in terms of product offerings or core functionality. Still, there are some unique aspects of the manufacturer that could sway you towards a Breville. For example, Breville manufactures a range of unique and exclusive coffee machine brewers in their Breville Creatista range.

These machines come with a manual steam wand for frothing milk. They also have a more stylish design featuring a shiny stainless steel aesthetic that gives your home a modern contemporary look.

Ultimately, a Nespresso Breville could suit coffee lovers who consider themselves a connoisseur or perhaps an experienced barista. This is because of the manual milk frothing system in the Creatista range. It empowers those skillful in crafting their own coffees to make a more personalized, custom-made finish.

If you are great at latte art or appreciate a classier-looking machine such as the Creatista, consider a Breville Nespresso machine for your next purchase.




Product Offerings

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker by De'Longhi, Piano Black

The main difference in Breville and Delonghi’s product offerings stems from their exclusive coffee machines. This encompasses the Lattissima range for Delonghi and the Creatista range for Breville. The Lattissima excels in a more pleasant user experience that automatically brews and froths coffee to perfection at the push of a button.

This range is slightly wider than Breville’s Creatista range, offering four product items instead of Breville’s three.

On the other hand, Breville certainly excels in the aesthetics department, and its Creatista range is a classic example of that. The Creatista, Creatista Uno, and Creatista Plus all come with stunning stainless steel silver aesthetics. This gives off a brilliant shine and a modern finish to complement any home decor or kitchen interior design.

In addition, the design of Breville’s drip trays offers a more appealing look with its patterned circular holes. These give off a sparkly look for a more luxurious atmosphere.

Unfortunately, aesthetics alone cannot outweigh the pros of a more relaxed and effortless user experience, and that is exactly what the Delonghi Lattissima range offers.

While Breville’s Creatista range would certainly be a better buy for slightly more “elite” coffee drinkers, Delonghi is much like the “people’s brand.” It offers automatic brewing and frothing at the push of a button which are invaluable features to the everyday coffee lover.

As a result, the clear winner in terms of product offerings will have to go to Delonghi. This is for its slightly wider range and unique features that appeal to a broader audience of coffee enthusiasts.

Winner: Nespresso Delonghi


Design and Aesthetics

Nespresso BNV450IBL VertuoPlus Espresso Machine with Aeroccino by Breville, Ink Black

As mentioned already, Breville certainly takes the cake in terms of aesthetics, sporting eye-catching designs such as the hole patterned drip trays and the classy stainless steel Creatista range. However, a good design is more than just looks, and should be something that eases the user’s burden and makes brewing coffee easy.

This is where Delonghi excels, offering things like the one-touch system and horizontal patterned drip trays for easier cleaning.

Delonghi Nespresso machines also tend to feature a greater variety of color options for its users, though not that much more than Breville. The design of the Breville machines are typically just as good as Delonghi, except for each brand’s exclusive product offerings.

In fact, there are many cases where Breville would be the preferred option simply because of its manual steam wand available as part of the Creatista series. This appeals to skillful coffee brewers.

Additionally, Breville trumps De’longhi Nespresso Citiz and Milk machine in the aesthetics department. It offers exclusive color options such as silver and red and sports the beautiful patterned design of the drip tray.

Needless to say, the Breville Creatista certainly takes the cake over exclusive De’longhi machines such as the Lattissima as far as looks go. It boasts a gorgeous stainless steel design with a shiny silvery finish that projects modernity and embraces class.

Thus, albeit a close contest, we’ve concluded that Breville Nespresso has the edge over Delonghi for design and aesthetics.

Winner: Nespresso Breville


Drip Tray

Nespresso CitiZ Original Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black

Both the Delonghi and Breville espresso machines come with a removable drip tray that accommodates taller travel mugs. However, that goes for the Nespresso Vertuo series too. And yet, the Nespresso Delonghi has over Breville is its slightly wider drip tray, which can fit marginally larger mugs.

On the other hand, Breville’s drip trays are more aesthetic in look with their silver pattern of holes. This resembles a sort of chain mail look that is eye-catching and captivating.

However, looks certainly aren’t everything, and some may still prefer the horizontal patterned design of the Delonghi machines. Moreover, this type of drip tray is typically easier to clean. This is particularly true when scrubbing out coffee residuals from in between the hollow areas.

Thus, we have chosen Delonghi for its increased practicality in making freshly brewed coffee and espresso. In addition, it does this for a greater range of cup sizes and makes the cleanup process significantly easier.

Winner: Nespresso Delonghi



Nespresso Lattissima Touch Original Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De'Longhi Washed Black

The warranties for each line of machines differ depending on which espresso machine you purchase. For example, both the Breville and De’longhi Nespresso VertuoPlus machines come with a one-year warranty, making them identical in that regard.

However, other machines, such as the Nespresso Essenza Mini is not quite on the equality train. For example, the Breville version of the same machine offers the standard one-year warranty while the Delonghi version comes in at two years of warranty.

On the other hand, there is never an instance where a Breville model offers a longer warranty than a Delonghi model. Thus, the winner of the better warranty will have to go to Nespresso De’longhi for its extended duration on some products.

Winner: Nespresso Delonghi


Nespresso Delonghi vs Breville FAQ


Which one is better Nespresso Delonghi or Breville?

Both Nespresso Delonghi and Breville coffee makers operate similarly. They offer a range of delicious coffee options such as espresso, double espresso, iced coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, etc. However, Delonghi trumps Breville regarding exclusive product offerings and more extended warranties, whereas Breville offers the best Nespresso machine for aesthetics and design.


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