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How to Use Nespresso Frother and Make Fancy Coffee at Home

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There is no shortage of coffee accessories you can buy, but you may find yourself wondering how to use a Nespresso frother to enjoy coffee shop-style drinks from the comfort of your own home. Nespresso makes a milk frother called the Aeroccino that delivers high-quality foam. This is important for drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes.

You can prepare different types of foam consistency from the Aeroccino. A whisk inside the chrome jug allows the frother to make hot milk, hot froth, or cold froth. This accessory is pricier than some milk frothers available for sale. It is geared more towards coffee connoisseurs who will use its advanced functionality and consider themselves more advanced home baristas.

In this article, we will explain how to use the Nespresso frother step by step so that you can feel confident in how to use it. Understanding the process will also help you decide whether you should buy it.

nespresso frother

Materials Needed

  • Nespresso Aeroccino
  • Milk


How to use a Nespresso Aeroccino 4


Step 1: Clean the parts

When you first take the Nespresso Aeroccino out of the box, you should clean it well. It is essential to clean all of the parts before using the frother for the first time. Then, follow the guidelines in the instruction manual to clean the frother properly.


Step 2: Attach base and whisk

Once all the parts are clean and dry, you must put the chrome jug on the frother base. Then, insert the whisk into the jug.


Step 3: Add milk

Now you are ready to pour in the milk. Inside the chrome jug, there are two max-level markers. One is for milk foam and the other is for hot milk. The maximum capacity if you are making milk froth is 4 ounces. The maximum capacity if you are making hot milk is 8 ounces.


Step 4: Add the lid

Once the milk is filled to the proper level, place the lid securely onto the chrome jug. You are now ready to plug in the frother and prepare your hot or cold milk. The frother is ready for use when the buttons on the base light up.


Step 5: Press the button

Press the button for the type of product you want to create. There are four function buttons on the Aeroccino 4. You can choose to make cold froth, hot milk, warm and airy milk foam, or warm and dense milk foam.

Once you press the button, it will start to blink. The light will continue flashing until the machine is done preparing the foam. When your milk is ready, the button will stop blinking and remain lit. This lets you know that the foam is ready to be used.

This Nespresso machine makes high-quality foam. The variety of foam density options means you can make excellent foam for various drinks. For example, use the Latte Macchiato button to prepare a smooth and dense foam to enjoy a hot latte.

The Cappuccino button will allow you to make a more airy foam, perfect for beverages such as cappuccinos. In contrast, the Cold Macchiato setting is ideal for creating a cool, dense froth.

Using the Nespresso milk frother is not limited to preparing foam for coffees from espresso machines. For example, you can use the Hot Milk button on the frother if you are making hot chocolate.


Step 6: Pour your frothed milk

The ability to make foam with varying consistencies is a crucial selling point of this Nespresso milk frother. While many people may not notice the difference, more advanced at-home baristas likely will. If you consider yourself an advanced coffee consumer, the ability to prepare different foam types will enhance your drink experience and may make this accessory worth its higher cost.

This process does not take long. Once you choose your function by pressing the button, the process takes less than three minutes. For example, you can make hot or cold milk froth in about 80 seconds. Hot milk takes longer to prepare, but even that process is only 150 seconds.

The process is automatic; the frother will stop when the milk is ready. If you want to stop it earlier, you can. Just push the same button you pressed to start the frothing process.

Now you are ready to enjoy your frothed milk. Regardless of your chosen function, you can pour the foam or milk into your coffee cup to finish preparing a delicious barista-style drink at home.


Step 7: Clean the machine

It is important that you properly clean your machine after each use. A great feature of the Nespresso Aeroccino 4 is that most of its pieces are dishwasher safe. The only part that cannot go in the dishwasher is the base. This is undoubtedly helpful and significantly reduces cleaning time compared to other frothers.

According to the instruction manual, the Aeroccino should be washed after every use. This makes sense since you are adding milk to it. You do not want to reach for the dirty frother and realize it smells like sour milk, so place the dishwasher-safe items in the dishwasher, and you will be ready to go the next time you want to use the frother.

At the very least, you should rinse off the whisk and run warm water to rinse out the chrome jug to remove any foam or milk residue after each use.

Alternatively, you can handwash the pieces. To do so, remove the jug from the base. It would help if you then took off the seal, whisk, and spring.

After disassembling the Nespresso milk frother, use warm soapy water to hand wash all of the pieces except the base. The jug and base should not be submerged under water. Ensure that the bottom of the jug is dry before putting it back on top of the base.


How the Aeroccino Plus works

This Nespresso milk frother uses a magnet between the base and the agitator that causes the agitator to spin. It is crucial to determine the type of foam you want to use for the right kind of agitator. If you are fully frothing milk, a whisk agitator will be used. Use a flat paddle agitator if you are making gentle foam. The whisk will make more foam than the paddle.

  1. First, plug the base into the outlet and turn it on. Next, choose the type of agitator you want to use based on the type of foam you desire. Finally, attach the selected agitator to the bottom of the jug.
  2. Next, add the milk. Like on the Aeroccino 4, two fill line indicators are inside the jug labeled Max. The top-fill line should be used for the flat paddle agitator. The bottom fill line should be adhered to if you are using the whisk agitator.
  3. Attach the jug to the base and place the lid on top. Be sure it seals well. Otherwise, you will have a mess to clean up.
  4. Press the function button to turn the machine on. If you plan to make warm milk or froth, press the button once. You will see a red light come on. If you want to make cold froth, press and hold the button for two seconds until the light turns blue.
  5. When the Aeroccino Plus is done frothing the milk, it will turn itself off, and the indicator light will go off. So now you are ready to pour your frothed milk and enjoy a delicious drink at home without paying a visit to the local coffee shop.

You can leave the lid on the jug if you want to pour out the steamed milk first and then pour the foam. You will hold the foam back by leaving the lid on until you are ready to add it to your drink. Just be sure to rinse out the jug between uses and wash it thoroughly when you are done.

Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother, One Size, Black

Cleaning an Aeroccino Plus

Unfortunately, the jug is not dishwasher safe. However, it has a non-stick coating, making it easy to clean and safe to immerse in water.

Take the agitator off and rinse it with water. You should also wipe it down with a dishrag or sponge. Similarly, you should take the seal off of the lid and clean both the lid and the seal in the same way.

You can use a small amount of dish detergent to clean the jug, but be sure to rinse it well so that there is no residual dish soap taste the next time you use it.

Even if you do not have time to wash your Aeroccino Plus immediately after using it, be sure to at least give it a quick rinse once you are done. This will make it easier to clean when the time comes.

Once all of the pieces are dry, reattach the lid and seal. You can store the agitators in the jug. Consider storing the jug beside the base, as opposed to on it. If you keep the jug on the base, there will be extra wear on the induction mechanism, which can negatively affect the lifespan of your Aeroccino Plus (1). Only attach the jug to the base when you are using the machine.


How to use a Nespresso Aeroccino 3

The Aeroccino 3 is a commonly used model as well. They often sell it as part of a bundle with most Vertuo and Original Nespresso machines.

  1. First, place the jug onto the base. Ensure the jug is completely dry on the bottom before attaching it.
  2.  Your first choice will be whether you want to prepare steamed or frothed milk. Drinks like cappuccinos with cloud-like foam will need the milk to be frothed. On the other hand, drinks like lattes will need the milk to be steamed.
  3. This decision will impact the whisk used. If you are planning to froth milk, leave the coil ring around the whisk. If you plan to prepare steamed milk, take the coil ring off and set it aside.
  4. Next, add the milk using the max level indicators inside the jug. Do not overfill the container; the milk will overflow once you start making froth. Whole milk at refrigerator temperature typically works best for frothing, while 2% milk tends to work better than skim milk. You can also use almond, oat, or soy milk if you prefer plant-based milk.
  5. The next step is to select the temperature. You can use the Aeroccino 3 to prepare hot or cold milk froth. Press the button once for hot froth or twice for cold froth. A red light indicates hot foam is being prepared, while a blue light indicates cold foam.

The Aeroccino 3 is fast. It takes a little over a minute to froth milk and a little over two minutes to steam milk.

Be sure to clean all of the parts well after each use. Remove the jug from the base and take out the whisk. Take the lid off as well and separate the seal from the lid. All four pieces should be washed by hand with a damp cloth and mild dish soap. Rinse them well and dry them thoroughly before reassembling them.

Nespresso Pixie Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi with Aeroccino, Aluminum


How to use Nespresso Frother FAQ


Can a milk frother heat milk?

Yes, some settings allow you to heat or steam milk.


Does fresh milk froth better than milk that has been open for a few days?

You may notice a slight difference in the milk’s ability to foam. You can try shaking the milk jug before pouring the milk into the milk frother to help it foam.


Can I wash my Nespresso milk frother in the dishwasher?

Only the jug is dishwasher safe on the Aeroccino 4. On other models, all pieces should be washed by hand.


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