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Brown Vs. White Coffee Filters: What’s the difference?

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Many of us wake up to the smell of delicious coffee already brewing in our homes. But, do you know which type of coffee filter is best for the freshest cup possible? In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between brown vs white coffee filters.

Brown Vs White Coffee Filters

What are Brown Coffee Filters?

Brown coffee filters are one option that people have when shopping for their coffee filters at the store. Some people prefer brown filters because they don’t contain some of the toxic chemicals that can be found in white filters. It is a personal preference as to which type of filter you will use, but some like the brown filters because there is a sense that they are better for the environment.

What is the environmental impact of brown filters? Well, unfortunately, all coffee filters contribute to environmental waste, which is less than ideal. However, when making coffee, one might choose brown paper filters because they are:

  • Unbleached filters
  • They love coffee that comes from something more natural
  • They don’t have to worry about taking in too much chlorine (this can sometimes happen with white filters)

We will get more into brown and white filters and which are best for your coffee machine, but it is important to note that some have a personal preference for this type of filter.


What are White Coffee Filters?

You have definitely seen a coffee filter that is white before. In fact, white coffee filters are among the most common type that one will ever come across out in public. This is because white coffee filters may be purchased in bulk, and they are very popular with many people and businesses. Companies can purchase white coffee filters much more cheaply than they can with a brown paper filter.

When it comes to your standard coffee filter, you really can’t beat white coffee filters. They cost less per unit than brown coffee filters, and they are easier to acquire when necessary. If you have a workforce that doesn’t much care about which paper coffee filters they use, then you will want to go with white coffee filters for sure.


How Are They Different?

We have already discussed a little about how the coffee filter that you choose to use can change the coffee drinking experience. Brown paper filters are seen as more eco-friendly, but you are going to have to pay more for them. Also, some people say they add too much brown color to the coffee, and they may leave a somewhat papery taste to the coffee.

Now think about white coffee filters. What do they provide to you and your company? They are paper filters that are less costly and easier to obtain. However, some people are opposed to the oxygen bleaching process that they must go through in order to get their signature white color.

You can find things like hydrogen peroxide in white coffee filters, but it is such trace amounts that it is not harmful for consumption. Still, some people will claim that it makes the brewing process less ideal. However, if you are looking for a coffee filter that will simply get the job done, then there is nothing better than white coffee filters.


How Are They Similar?

Not everything has to be about white or brown filters. The truth is, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Brown vs white coffee filters is not necessarily the way you should think about it. When you make it a question of brown vs white coffee filters, you are putting yourself into a box. In reality, you can offer brown filters as an option to the standard coffee filter that you may already provide.

Both types of filters will take coffee grounds and transform them into delicious coffee that you can consume as desired. Also, it is not as though a brown filter is magically much better for the environment than a white one. Both a brown filter and a white one ultimately end up in the garbage can after they are used.

Both types of coffee filters are used for brewing coffee, and brewing coffee is something that needs to be done every day around a busy office. You may not have something fancy like a French press, but at least you can offer your people the caffeine kick that they need in the form of coffee. They will surely appreciate it.


What’s Better About Brown Coffee Filters?

One of the major upsides of the brown option is that they are unbleached coffee filters. You won’t have to hear people complain about their paper filters when you get unbleached coffee filters. You can rest assured that their health and safety has been taken into account. People don’t like the idea of bleached coffee filters because they worry about the consumption of bleach into their body. That is understandable, and it is a good reason to consider getting brown coffee filters.

You won’t have to hear people complain about their paper coffee filter when you get the brown one. There may be a few people who still want to stick to the tried and true white coffee filters, but most people will adapt to the natural brown filters that you provide them.

Natural brown filters may be used on a drip coffee machine or any other type of machine that you happen to have available in your office.


What’s Better About White Coffee Filters?

As you get the paper filter that you need so your office can brew some coffee grounds, don’t forget that you can still choose the white filter option if you would like. There are many people who rely on white paper filters because they want to save on costs while still providing people with the coffee that they desire. Honestly, people are often just happy to have coffee available when they need it.

There is likely to be less debate about the paper that is used to make the coffee than you may think. People will grab whatever is provided to them and use it for their coffee. A white filter will do just fine for most people as they sleepily put the pot of coffee on and focus on getting their day started. Remember, there are many people who just want to push through the day so that they can get on to the important work that they need to do. As long as you give them the ability to do so, they will likely reward you by doing great work for you.


Who Should Get Brown Coffee Filters (And Why)?

There are some individuals and companies alike that should focus on getting brown coffee filters to use in the office. This certainly includes anyone who wants to be environmentally friendly in some small way. If you happen to work for a company where the paper filter that you use to make your morning coffee matters, then you ought to pay attention to these kinds of things. Indeed, it makes sense that some companies put a lot of emphasis on this if they try to establish themselves as an eco-aware company to begin with. It wouldn’t make sense for them to lose touch with this at the last possible minute.

Individuals who want to avoid the oxygen bleaching process that white coffee filters have to go through might also consider picking up the brown ones. They are just a little more expensive, but many people prefer the more natural taste that they provide, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Who Should Get White Coffee Filters (And Why)?

There are many individuals who are on a tight budget, and the same is true for businesses. When purchasing coffee filters, it may be necessary to go with the more economical option. Thus, many will choose to get white coffee filters.

Another reality that some run into is the fact that white coffee filters are available nearly everywhere. The same is not true for brown coffee filters. There are select areas that make it a point of emphasis to offer brown coffee filters, but not everywhere does. Thus, the white filters might be the only option that some people have.

If you have the means to purchase your filters in bulk, it can be a great thing to do so. Buying the white coffee filters in bulk means that you can keep your budget under control and still get a lot of filters that will last you a long time.

Those who need to supply coffee for many people or those who need to be sure that they can keep purchasing coffee for themselves for the long run should make sure they get white coffee filters over brown ones.


Do Different Coffee Filters Make A Difference?

There is less of a difference between coffee filters than you might think. It is possible that you will notice a slight change in taste between one filter or the other, but the change will be very slight, and most people are not going to notice it. What you may want to think about is if you can afford the brown filters compared to the white ones. Many people get into a position where they have to decide exactly what they can afford as far as these filters are concerned, and it is a lot easier for some people to say that they like a certain filter or another, but actually getting those filters is challenging in certain circumstances.

The filter is going to end up in a landfill either way, so the environmental impact is minimal, but you can still think about it if you want to when making your decision.


Which Filter Is The Winner?

There is a lot to be said for white coffee filters. Yes, they have some additional chemicals that may not be great for your body, but they are also affordable, and those chemicals are maintained at such low amounts that you won’t truly suffer major consequences. Additionally, they are much more affordable and accessible. Also, you can purchase them in bulk at a better price if you are paying for the coffee for many people.

You have to put that all together to see the full picture of why these filters might make a lot more sense for many people. When you throw that all into the mix, you start to see the fact that white coffee filters are a bit better than what you get with the brown ones. Either way, you have to make the decision for yourself and your team, but you shouldn’t put too much stress on your own shoulders if you don’t have to.


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