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DeLonghi EC702 Review: Is it worth it?

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For some people, a coffee machine’s versatility in brewing is what makes it worth the dollar. For others, it’s the ability to control each step of the brewing process, from the extraction to the milk frothing. Unfortunately, while many espresso machines are out there that can accomplish these tasks, few can do both at an optimal level. That’s where this DeLonghi EC702 review comes into play.

This is a coffee maker designed to give you both control over your brew as well as versatility in the types of coffee you can make.

DeLonghi EC702 Review

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Throughout this article, I’ll bring to light all that the DeLonghi EC702 coffee machine can offer. Ranging from being a convenient appliance in your kitchen to delivering the excellent coffee taste you’re after. First, of course, you’ll have to know the ins and outs of using this superb espresso maker to craft your perfect cup of coffee.

That’s why we’ll be providing everything you need to know regarding the specs, features, design, and maintenance of your machine to bring you the best results. If there’s anything to take away from this review, it’s making the right choice for you.

DeLonghi EC702 Review

What’s Included

  • DeLonghi 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal
  • 44 oz Water Reservoir
  • Water and Steam Pressure Thermostats
  • Rapid Cappuccino System
  • 3-in-1 Filter Holder
  • Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Auto Standby Function & Energy Saving Function



  • Product Dimensions: 11.02 x 9.06 x 11.61-inches
  • Weight: 11.44 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Metal Gray
  • Warranty: 2-Years Limited


Key Features

The DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine is quite versatile in its ability to work as both a cappuccino maker and brew delicious espresso shots. Not only that, but this machine has the added flexibility in brewing different types of coffee. There are numerous methods you go about based on your preference.

For instance, you can brew authentic barista quality beverages using ground coffee in the 3-in-1 portafilter baskets for a range of different strengths and boldness. You can also make your favorite espresso pod using the pod compartment. Between these two options, you can consider the DeLonghi EC702 an “all-in-one” coffee maker.

In terms of quality, the DeLonghi EC702 espresso maker uses a 15 bar pressure pump extraction method that ensures excellent espresso every time. Also, it provides more pressure to the pre-ground coffee during the extraction process than other extraction methods. This results in a more decadent and more flavorful blend.

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal

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Advanced Features

In conjunction with this, you can adjust the water temperature using the controls and tailor the brew sizes to fit your needs. This is done using the range of portafilter baskets provided, allowing you to experience coffee made your way every time.

If it’s a speedy brew you are after, you’ll be happy to hear that the DeLonghi EC702 is built with a Rapid Cappuccino System. The system maintains the optimal temperature for brewing cup after cup instantly.

If you choose to brew multiple cups of coffee in succession, the quality of temperature and taste will not decline when you reach the final cup. Thus, you could imagine how great this machine would be to serve up delicious coffee for your guests, friends, and family.

Of course, what good is a coffee machine to lovers of cappuccinos and lattes if it doesn’t come with a milk frother? Fortunately, the DeLonghi EC702 provides a steam wand designed to create a fluffy, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks. It’s great for making a delicious latte suitable for a high-end coffee shop.

Whether you desire one or two shots of espresso or a cafe-quality cappuccino, you can achieve it with the DeLonghi EC702 espresso maker.



The DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine is made using durable stainless steel components that are corrosion-resistant and sturdy enough to last at least ten years. It may not appear to be the most compact machine at first glance, but you’ll find that removing specific components such as the water tank and drip tray makes the machine significantly more compact and storage-friendly.

The great thing about this is you can also clean your machine easier as these components are dishwasher safe. This saves on manual labor during the cleaning and maintenance process.



The reality of coffee, and any other food and drink for that matter, is that taste is always subjective to the person’s preference. That’s why, rather than making a machine with a singular defined taste, the DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine puts you in the driver’s seat. It gives you complete control over the type of coffee you want to brew to suit your unique taste buds.

With 15 bar pressure extraction, an advanced manual frother, and perfect temperature control, you will always experience quality results with your coffee.



  • 15-bar pressure pump extraction method for superior quality in coffee taste and richness.
  • Two separate thermostats for steaming milk and brewing coffee mean you can perform both these tasks simultaneously.
  • The high-quality stainless steel boiler heats water to the precise temperature as desired by the user.
  • The steam wand allows you to heat milk to make a rich crema finish to your coffee and make stylish latte art.
  • A large water reservoir allows you to brew espresso without refilling for many cups, thus reducing maintenance time.
  • Easy to clean with removable components that are dishwasher-friendly.
  • Warming tray located on top of the machine to pre-heat mugs to help maintain the hot temperature of coffee once poured.
  • DeLonghi provides two years of limited warranty for any manufacturer or material defects with your product.



  • Quite bulky and heavy in design.
  • No bean hopper grinder or automatic milk frother included.

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal

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The DeLonghi EC702 is a high-quality espresso machine. It is built with an advanced cappuccino system that enables simultaneous brewing and milk frothing using a dual heating system.

Additionally, the 15-bar pressure pump method is better than the average coffee maker. As a result, you get a richer and more flavorful coffee brew than most other espresso machines, which usually fall around the 9-bar pressure mark. Thus, each step of the coffee-making process is optimized to give you tailored results that suit your specific tastes and preferences.

The DeLonghi EC702 is a manual machine that gives you enough control to make you the pilot of the brewing process. It does so without compromising any of the extraction mechanisms that make this machine great. More than an entry-level machine, this product is loved by many, receiving a 4.2-star rating by over 4,200 global reviews on Amazon.

DeLonghi backs the machine with a 2-year limited warranty. They guarantee satisfaction and free replacement for any defects related to manufacturing or material defects with your item. In addition, it is highly rated for being “beginner-friendly.” It’s easy to maintain and provides excellent temperature control for your beverages.

To see what customers are saying about the DeLonghi EC702 coffee brewer, check out the link to Amazon’s review page below!


Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a DeLonghi espresso machine is pretty easy, here is what you need to know.

How do I descale my Delonghi EC702?

The DeLonghi EC702 instructor’s manual suggests you descale your machine every 200 cups of coffee brewed. Below is a basic step-by-step guide to descaling your DeLonghi espresso maker (refer to the instruction manual for a detailed guide):

  1. Fill the water reservoir with 34 ounces or 1 liter of regular water and pour in 250 milliliters of descaling solution.
  2. Turn your machine on using the ON power button and wait for the OK light to turn on.
  3. Place a large container under the steam wand and boiler outlet.
  4. Press the brew button until the tank is half empty then press the brew button again to pause.
  5. Wait for 15 minutes as the solution settles in and through the machine.
  6. Press the brew button again to resume brewing until the water tank is empty.
  7. Empty your container and repeat using regular water to rinse out the machine, ready for the next brew.

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal

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How to clean a DeLonghi EC 702?

Cleaning your DeLonghi EC702 is relatively easy, including many removable components that are safe for dishwasher use. If you prefer to use a dishwasher, remove the water reservoir, drip tray, and portafilter and place them in the dishwasher. Next, wash them using your usual dishwasher machine routine.

If you do not own a dishwasher or prefer not to use it, there’s a different procedure. In that case, use a damp cloth and wipe down each component individually, and apply soap or detergent if you desire (though it is not a necessity).

Do not place any non-removable components in the dishwasher, especially electrical components. Ensure the machine is fully dry before starting your next brew cycle. Remember that any damage received to your machine due to improper cleaning will invalidate the product’s warranty to repair or replace the machine.


DeLonghi EC702 FAQ


Is the De’Longhi EC702 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine an automatic espresso machine?

No, the DeLonghi EC702 is a manual espresso machine. You are given control over each step of the brew cycle. This is different than simply pushing a button to obtain a preset outcome, as the automatic machines strive to do.


Is Delonghi a good espresso machine?

Delonghi espresso machines are quite effective in producing quality coffee and giving you plenty of control and empowerment over your coffee. The EC702 model provides adjustable controls that enable self-priming operation during the entire brew cycle. This puts you in the driver’s seat and makes you the master of your own coffee.


What is 15 bar pump?

In coffee lingo, bar pump pressure refers to the amount of pressure placed on the coffee grounds by the hot water during the extraction process. This draws out the flavors and richness of the coffee.

The higher the number means the higher the pressure. The average pressure pump level is about 9 bars, so a 15 bar pump means a far greater and more thorough extraction process. This makes a richer and tastier coffee.

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal

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Is a DeLonghi espresso machine worth it?

Yes. DeLonghi espresso machines are not the most expensive machines on the market, but they are also not super budget-friendly. Set at a mid-range price point, you can find plenty of value in a Delonghi machine based on your specific needs.

They sport durable construction, quality materials, and exceptional results, as well as a great customer support team. You may find a DeLonghi to be well worth the investment.


What kind of espresso does DeLonghi use?

DeLonghi’s EC702 espresso machine is compatible with any kind of ground coffee beans or coffee pods, giving the user plenty of versatility in brewing.


How long do DeLonghi espresso machines last?

DeLonghi machines are built to last at least ten years provided they are properly maintained and cared for following the user guidelines. The EC702 is a tough shell to crack and will serve you well in the long run. Its built with sturdy materials such as durable stainless steel.


Is DeLonghi a good brand?

DeLonghi is a highly reputable global manufacturer of household appliances based in Italy. With a specialization in coffee maker manufacturing, DeLonghi delivers the Italian touch of espresso brewing expertise.


Where is DeLonghi from?

DeLonghi is headquartered in Treviso, Italy, where the DeLonghi family founded it in 1902.


Are Delonghi espresso machines any good?

DeLonghi espresso machines are available in various types, sizes, and models to fit many different preferences and suit all kinds of coffee enthusiasts. From Nespresso compatible machines to Keurig brewers, coffee pod makers, and full-on cafe-style espresso makers, you are bound to find a machine you like with DeLonghi.


DeLonghi EC702 Review: Is a Delonghi EC 702 worth it?

The DeLonghi EC702 is the espresso and cappuccino maker you’ve been longing for. It has a large removable water tank of 44 ounces; a sophisticated milk frother system; and a strong stainless steel exterior. This makes it both long-lasting and high performing.

Making espresso to your precise preference is a walk in the park with its unique no-drip design. It doesn’t even take up too much space in the kitchen but certainly draws plenty of attention.

Whether you want to brew single or double shots of espresso, froth milk for a delicious latte, or crave a tall Americano, the EC702 does an excellent job. It provides complete control over the brew cycle with its advanced brewing system.

Brew cup after cup with its rapid cappuccino brew system. The system retains the optimal temperature for several cups of coffee in a row, reducing the wait time in-between brews. Take full advantage of this feature and enjoy brewing for a large gathering of family and friends. Everyone can enjoy their perfected coffees at the same time for a fantastic coffee atmosphere.

All things considered, the DeLonghi EC702 is a machine you’ll get plenty of use out of, regardless of your preferred type of coffee. But, of course, a machine like this is not for the faint-hearted. It is specifically designed for those that want a higher-quality coffee-drinking experience where every aspect of their hot beverage is catered to their needs.

In other words, don’t buy this machine if you are after a convenient machine that compromises on quality, but purchase it if you are seeking the full cafe coffee experience that delivers on a more authentic taste that’ll have you buzzing with excitement!

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal

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